Tuna Sandwich and Banaba Tea for Breakfast

Good morning. Let me share my breakfast for today. I don’t normally eat heavy breakfast, simple foods will do. I want bread more than rice in the morning. I want it to be toasted. So here are my toasted breads and made tuna for filling. My daughter likes tuna sandwich so I always find time to make this filling.

tuna sandwich photo tuna sandwich_zpsdtwgetlq.jpg

My ingredients for tuna filling are century tuna flakes, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. It’s very easy to make, you just need to mix all the ingredients and refrigerate so it will last a little longer.

Aside from bread, I’m enjoying banaba tea for two weeks already. I had problem with my back and was thinking if banaba tea will heal my back pain. With my curiosity I purchased a box. I don’t know if this tea was the one who helps me but for two weeks of drinking this tea, I don’t feel the pain already. I still drinking the tea every morning and I trust this one really helps me. Price of banaba tea is less expensive compared to other tea so will patronize this one. Honestly, I didn’t like the taste at first but with continuous drinking I used to it.

banaba tea photo banana tea_zps2w3rlhas.jpg

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