Unexpected package from Texas

I was surprised when a postman came in the house asking me to visit post office because there is something waiting for me to get. Since its Friday already we don’t waste the time and went to Post office. Honestly, I was clueless and thinking the possible person who sent it while on our way to Post office. Anyway, the person in charge asked me to pay Php40 to get my package. When I handed the package I checked who sent it and saw the address only. It’s from Texas so the only person I think is Dhemz.

Thank you sis, this is unexpected gift from you. Kyla was happy with the chocolate and the magic towel. Actually we liked all the things you gave especially the letter, will surely keep it. Thank you, thank you and God bless your family.

My share for this week’s Color Connection.

18 thoughts on “Unexpected package from Texas”

  1. Its a surprise for you.When some gift comes in a surprise then you know heart beats got increased and we die to know about the gift sender and about the gift.Then we started speculations who can send the gift…Its very exciting about surprises.Thanks to share this…

  2. weeeeeee…kakahiya naman to! you don’t have to post it sis…sensya at yan lang ang nakayanan…thanks for being one of my blog(s) supporters…:)

    kakaloka, ganyan ba talaga sa pinas….the recipient has to pay for the package? kakaloka!

  3. Thats really so sweet of your sister to surprise you with the special gift. No matter what kind of gift you receive, but surprises make it more special and memorable. isn’t it?

  4. I remember paying for packages din nung andyan pa ako, my hsuband thought that it’s a big scam kasi nagbayad na yung sender tapos magbabayad pa yung receiver lol.

  5. Its a kind of surprise oh no no..pleasent surprise..That makes every part of the body glade..jumping with joy like that one.If it is something your favorite then it is like twicing the happiness.Congrats for that gift from Texas.Hope it would be your favorite one.

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