Ways to prevent dengue

Still dengue remains a problem here in the country. Dengue fever is a serious case because it can lead to demise if not treated early. And the kind of weather we have today there are many mosquitoes wandering around. We should take extra precaution because everyone without exception can be a victim of dengue fever. In fact, there is no age limit because there were reports before that less than month old experienced dengue. So we need to be very careful at all times. Let us start by making our environment clean. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so make sure to cover all water containers. Mosquito can create multiple eggs which only mean more mosquitoes are coming.

Here are other ways to prevent dengue

When your child is playing make sure they are wearing long-sleeved clothing and pants especially outdoors activity. Make sure it is comfortable like cotton clothes. 

Have install mosquito screens on windows. 

Use sprays, creams or other mosquito repellents. 

Many are not using mosquito net but this is a big help. 

Make sure to cover water containers or any other water pails to stop mosquito from breeding. 

We should change the water in flower vases at least once a week. 

Close the window especially in the late afternoon.  

Dengue is a serious case so we should not ignore it. We don’t want to see our love ones carrying this kind of sick. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure so I hope we should do our part. 

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4 thoughts on “Ways to prevent dengue”

  1. This article is very well done!!! Although it contains limited facts, it summarizes all the information we should know on how to prevent DENGUE…it is really GREAT!!!

  2. I have to admit this is really a great news that I have read this day, on how to avoid dengue which is really a killer, to be honest in the place where I use to live this is one of the major problem we are experiencing, many people are dying daily because of this mosquito.

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