What Does It Mean To Be Sex Positive?

As of late, there has been a considerable amount of talk about being “sex positive” in groups of sexual enthusiasts and those who work in the industry as sex educators and therapists. During a time where the open discussion about sex is becoming less taboo, many are becoming more curious about what being sex positive really means and how one can fit into the definition. So what exactly does it mean to be sex positive in today’s society? There are three parts to this answer:

Healthy Expression
Having a healthy expression of sexual energy and erotic desires is one of the base pillars of being sex positive. A healthy expression is defined, as anything that doesn’t harm one’s self or another. There are a variety of ways that a person can express his or her sexual energy. Some have extreme fetishes that may appear abnormal to some, but to that person it is a normal and healthy form of sexual expression. Some may like to have safe sex with multiple partners at a time, while others may enjoy having solo sex while others watch on in enjoyment. Having a healthy expression of sexual energy will be defined differently by each person and is the first step towards being sex positive.

Being Non-Judgmental
Being non-judgmental of another’s form of sexual expression is the second pillar of sex positivity. Each person will have a different opinion of what is healthy for him or her and being a sex positive person means to accept that person’s expression no matter how diverse it may be from one’s personal execution.

Open to Sexual Self-Exploration
Understanding of one’s sexual makeup and skill is rooted in his or her ability to explore self independently. Having sex solo through self-pleasuring, the use of sex toys, meditation and other activities similar are all ways a person can come in touch with their sex positive selves and enjoy a fulfilled sex life. Self-exploration grants a person the understanding he or she needs to become aware of how sexual energy feels and how it affects the body. Some men may decide to use sex toys during their self-exploration, and a sex positive person would look at this form of expression as healthy. Sexual exploration with self is vital for a complete sex life.

Being sex positive can be work in itself because it takes the breaking down of a conditioned mindset that views sexual expression as one way and one way only. One must learn as much as possible about how varied sexual experiences can be in order to have a mind that is fully sex positive, and by taking the learning process one step at a time a person can become sex positive faster than he or she thinks. Being sex positive isn’t just about being free in one’s sexuality; it’s also about embracing and accepting others as they are and developing healthy relationships that can change the world.

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