Where is my Pringles Party Speaker???

Last March 30, I bought 2x150g Party bundle pack of Pringles. I don’t normally buy Pringles but I was convinced to purchase because of their promotion. If you purchase 2x150g Pringles you can get Party Speakers. I read how it works and it really simple, you just need to visit their official website and visit the promo page. Complete the online entry form and submit the unique code found in the Pringles purchased. Then lastly, pay 25 PHP via Paypal this is for the delivery of the party speaker.

pringles party speaker photo pringles party speaker_zps7vtgbfnr.png
after paying the delivery charge, I got this message, proof that I joined the promotion

What is a Pringles Party Speaker? Pringles Party Speaker are speakers that go on top of your Pringles can for extra acoustic effect. It has been designed and manufactured for Pringles. It cannot be purchased in any store and is only available through this promotion. It exists in one design as shown on pringles.com.ph (credit to Pringles page).

According to them the item will be delivered within 40 days. I’m expecting the item last May 10 but I didn’t receive any until now, June 16. Wow, my first time to join Pringle’s promotion and this what happened. Do I need to wait for more days or simply forget this party speaker? I paid for the delivery of the item and they didn’t send. I want to call Pringle’s hotline but I’m not in Manila so I need to pay for long distance call, I doubt if I will do this. I know 25 PhP I paid for the delivery is not huge but what I’m saying here is they should be true in their promise. I hope to hear from Pringles Philippines regarding this issue.

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