3 Epic Party Ideas

Looking for something new to try on your birthday this year? Check out these three fun alternatives to the typical birthday dinner. 

1. Bowling

If you have never been bowling on your birthday, it can be a blast! Whether your or your friends are good bowlers is inconsequential; just getting together to bowl with one another can make for a fun evening. Strap on your striped bowling shoes and get ready to roll a strike! What’s even better is that most bowling alleys serve food and drinks, too, making them a great spot for any birthday or celebration.

2. Mini-Golf

Another fun party idea can be to take your group of friends mini-golfing! Many mini-golf locations are themed in some way or have several courses you can choose from. If you call ahead and make a reservation, you may be able to find out what kind of special extras the location provides for larger parties. For your next birthday or celebration, be sure to check out what themed or blacklight mini-golf events new jersey (or your own state) has to offer.

3. Escape Room

Finally, with a group of 5-10 of your favorite friends, you can celebrate your big day through the bonding experience of completing an escape room. Escape rooms can be loads of fun because they require everyone to work as a team. You and your friends can solve puzzles and riddles, finding clues that will help you get through each locked room. Choose your favorite theme and really get into it by dressing up! Many escape room locations require reservations, so be sure to book ahead. 

Planning a party can be a lot of fun. But if you are tired of doing the same thing year after year, these three ideas can help you mix it up. Who knows, maybe this year you will start a new tradition!

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