4 Safety Tips To Remember Before Going Boating

Going boating with friends and family is a fun way to cool off during the summer. No matter how much fun boating can be it can easily turn dangerous without the proper safety measures performed beforehand. Here are four safety tips to remember before going boating. 

1. Have a Ladder

Splashing around in the lake is an exciting part of boating. You can jump onto innertubes or just swim around the boat, but when you are ready to get out, getting back into the boat can be difficult. It is important for the swimmer’s safety if you have a big boat with a platform to have an under mount swim platform ladder. This ladder is big enough to make sure all swimmers can get safely back into the boat when they need to. 

2. Be Prepared

A fun day out on the lake can turn into a scary stormy day on the lake. Weather changes fast and it is important to have all of the necessities you might need. Even if you have a sunny day all day, you can also run out of fuel or have another incident out on the water. It is better to be over-prepared. Always have extra food, warm clothes, flares, rope, fire extinguisher and more. 

3. Wear a Life Jacket

A life jacket can save your life. Even if you aren’t in the water it is important to be wearing one at all times just in case an accident happens that you aren’t prepared for. 

4. Understand the Rules

Boating has many rules that for safety reasons are important to follow. You need to understand the speeds you are allowed to go, how far away you need to stay from other boats and other boating signals. You can find a course online to teach you all you need to know. 

Boating is such a fun activity to do! Don’t let all the safety measures scare you from doing it. Be prepared and be aware and you can make great memories on the water with your friends and family!

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