A House with Complete Furniture

One of my dreams is to have my own house with complete furniture. I have daughter already but we still living with my mother. I hope in the near future, we will be enjoying our own house, it doesn’t matter whether small or big, what matter is it’s our own. Living not your own is hard because you cannot make revision. Sometimes I want to make changes but I don’t have the right. So, I’m really hoping and praying that one day my daughter and I will be living in our own house and build our fun-loving memory. If this thing happens, of course I need rustic furniture. A house is not complete without furniture’s so I have to check for the best furniture to have an idea. I know owning a house is not an easy thing but I will not stop on dreaming and aiming for one. In the meantime, I have to look for bed because my daughter and I are sharing in one bed. I need a bed with bigger size so we can be comfortable while having our siestas.

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