Always look on the bright side of things

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Always look on the bright side of things.
Smiling unleashes the glow that makes you beautiful, and the absence of stress reduces the risk of heart problems and keeps you healthy. 

Always look on the bright side of things. This is the beautrition tip I got when I joined the Athena Anniversary Gift-Away in Facebook. If you are lucky enough you can will Athena Milk Gift Pack and gift certificate. Anyway, I just wanted to share this tip because sometimes I am neglecting the positive things. I mean I always think of the negative sides that resulted to constant worry. So from now on will just focus on the bright side of things and will just enjoying the day passing. Happy weekend and live healthy.

9 thoughts on “Always look on the bright side of things”

  1. I must agree. Looking at the bright side of the things can be the best to have a positive outlook in life. You can never experience all of the thoughts and ideas in life if you will be able to look at the bright side of the problem. Always be positive in the problems you encounter.

  2. Life is a story of keep on moving but with a positive attitude.This is the basic funda that i am following.We always have the bright side of the things,not even think about the darker side of the things..

  3. nice post girl…this is so right,no matter how hard life is, there is always a bright side of it. We just have to look around and see things. visiting you..:-)

  4. I agree Genny.. nice post girl… for me its not easy to look on a brighter side if you have been bombarded with lots of negative. It takes lots of powerful convincing before I could look for a brighter side. Too bad for me, I know..

  5. When i do the things,once the darker side flashes in my mind.Both the brighter and the darker side are the two faces of a coin and we must have to look at the darker side of the things…isnt it

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