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Just quick update, few days ago I had been sharing my dilemma regarding my travel blog. And at this time still it is not solve and inaccessible. Despite of this, there is good news because the problem with my lappy is now resolve. It is more comfortable to use when you are using your own. I thought reformat is the answer but technician just found virus. Actually numbers of virus and he just cleaned it. Now, I’m back to blogging and hopefully my problem in my travel blog will be resolve. Have a good night. 

6 thoughts on “Back to blogging”

  1. ayay, d pa pala na solve…on the lighter note, glad to know you are back as well…ehhehe…ako naman nawalan nang IC for almost 4 days…kakabalik ko lang…lol!

  2. Hayyy virus, when are they gonna stop attacking? It’s good solve na problem mo sis with them. Welcome back sa blog land sis. sorry medyo late visit ko.

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