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Adventurous Jessy I blog about life in general especially about our family’s adventures

American Idol American idol guide

As Told by Karla As Told by Karla contains posts from my travels, food trips,personal experiences, health, advocacy and just about anything under the sun! To sum it up, the site is a mix bag of my interests rolled into one.

Between the Covers Welcome to My Library 🙂 I have a personal blog dedicated to everything about myself. This one though “In Between the Covers” is specifically dedicated for the stories I read, and interesting bits and pieces I pick up from books and magazines. It’s probably easier to say that it’s a Book Review site, but it isn’t. You see, I don’t know how to properly review books! So I just write what I like or don’t like about them. Please share your favorite reads with me too, okay? 🙂

Blogaholic Mom I heart blogging

Celebrity Diary Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up

Chromatic Note Notes of our lives

Dadedidodu All about being a Dad!

Dens Online Nuggets of wisdom from a loving mom

Digital Catharsis No one person can experience all that life has to offer. It is only through sharing – experiences, feelings, insights – that we can hope to grow beyond our own meager lifetime. A surgical nurse and husband shares his life through this blog.

Divine’s Memoirs A parenting and home guide of a lifestyle enthusiast and new trends discoverer.

Eat Pray Love To Live I write about anything I experience from food, health, wellness, and a lot more about life.

Expressions from my Cluttered Thoughts My blog is about my life which includes my ramblings, travels, food, family, etc.

fit N fab fit N fab – want to be fab, need to be fit but just lazy. Shares tips on how to be fab, fit and not lazy.

Fragments of Thoughts Personal Journal

Games Gadgets Galore! All about games and gadgets – the old, the new and everything there is to talk about.

Get Lost in Dubai A blog on how to not get lost in Dubai. An Expat’s view on Dubai’s culture, lifestyle, shops, home and work environment, etc. Gives tips on travellers, planning to visit or just curious about Dubai.

Gladiator Goddess My blessings. My struggles. My smiles. My tears. My life.

Green Home Elements is a personal blog that showcase varied home implements – my best loved decors, home tips and everything eco-lovely best for my and maybe for your homes.

Handy Reviews Handy reviews on everything that matters

Happy Thoughts Life Life, Live Happy

Hawaiian Cruise Your online resource to hawaiian cruises

Hot Fun Stuffs Your One Stop for giveaways, freebies and reviews about fashion, beauty and gadgets.

Impulsive Shopper is a blog that showcase the things I scour and shop online and offline. Deal seeker mommy will share great deals and show off fabulous items. I’m not a shopaholic, just slightly impulsive when it comes to good deals, savings, coupons, freebies and anything thrifty.

Inigo Boy A 3-year-old boy shares his adventures and misadventures through this photoblog. He started writing since fetal age? Check that out!

It’s All About Life Beauty, make up, fashion, and more

It’s Kha It’s Kha is a blog about business and home design, interiors and appliances. All that I am looking forward and planning to once I have my own abode. Also it tackles about business physical structures and strategies.

iWahM Mommy musings and interesting finds of a mouse potato, caregiver, tutor, homemaker and struggling freelancer.

JoyRide Author is a thirty-something mom who loves to eat, travel, read books and surf the net. She can’t drive, but she like going places. She doesn’t know how to play a single musical instrument, but she’s very fond of music.

Maid of Honor Dress Your online guide to choosing your maid of honor dress

Mama Vernz Theory is a mom blog that writes about a mom’s thoughts on mothering, motherhood, raising kids, family life, parenting – her struggles, her joys, her failures and triumphs about family life.

Mommy Diary Not your average mommy’s diary

Midnight Voyage a personal blog that covers everything from simple information to the world of KPOP. The author writes whatever she wants and she’s doing it to express and not to impress readers.

mumwrites My random musings on this profound journey called motherhood and everything else in between

Must Have Food Blog of a Pinay foodie who loves to cook for her family despite her 8(sometimes 10 or 12)-hour job.

My bric-a-brac … my personal odds and ends.

My Journey A personal blog of a stay at home mom sharing about her life and journey as a mother and as a wife. This can also be about anything and everything from a woman’s point of view.

my random thoughts a personal blog – anything i can share my family, my job, current events, health, music, online earnings, etc.

My Red Hot Reviews A blog that talks about different reviews for food, restaurant, movie, tv shows, website and anything that is interesting for the author.

Nicely Captured Moments A personal blog that tackles anything under the sun. These are moments in my life which I considered to be nicely captured.

Pinay Mom in Germany A personal blog about the discoveries, experiences of a Pinay mom adapting to a new life in Germany.

Pink Spree personal journal

Pinoy Holistic Health Raves, remarks, reviews, and rants: health, travel and living in the Philippines

Pretty Stepdaughters A blog of a mom of 4 kids trying to balance work and life. Basically from keeping an eye at a teen daughter, pampering a baby boy, playing with a pre-schooler, and being cool with a middle child. Adding a husband that wants to cuddle from time to time.

Psychotic Thoughts It is a blog all about the experiences of a person trying to survive in a world of mayhem, plague, crisis, and destruction. Seriously,it talks about the life of a person, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mother.

RonYves Hub Couple that blog’s together stays forever.

Seow wei’s DayBreak A mom who stay at home for blogging, I had a pretty princess with two years old, here I will update my life story.

Shengkayful’s Fashion and Lifestyle This use to be a an inspiring blog but now i reformat it to sfashion and lifestyle blog. This will generally be about latest fashions, my kind of fashion and fashion that I like. Also will feature lifestyles.

Shop.Crazy.Me Shopping and more shopping! Home of Bargain Hunt meme.

Simply Pochi A pretty much collection of everythimg and anything under the sun.

Sining Factory Arts, Entertainment and Everything Pinoy.

Stuck with 3 A personal blog of a stay at home momma of 3. KIDS + EVENTS + FREEBIES = Life’s little happiness for moms like moi 🙂

Sweety Paula Life is as sweet as I make it!

TechTack TechTack is about lessons, tutorials and reviews about the basic concepts of electronics and other related technologies. These include DC circuits, AC circuits, Analog and Digital circuits. Furthermore, the blog concentrates also on latest mobile devices such as phones, personal computers and many more.

That’s Life Life thoughts, hits, and misses

The Joyful Crafter A chronicle of my journey as a wife, mom, crafty chic & online seller l shopper.

The Young Bloggers Thoughts of the two young blood siblings and their proud mom.

VCFS Mom My blog basically encompasses my life as a stay-at-home mom. It also contains my passion for cooking and baking. You will also get to read about my family’s adventure and some good deals I come across.

WAHM sa Pinas Work at home mom in the Philippines

Wedding Islands is a personal blog that showcased the best and practical wedding destinations on the planet, wedding tips, wedding accessories, wedding traditions and culture, awesome honeymoon destination and everything in between.

What’s Hot Manila Everything that’s hot in Manila

Where the Moon Shines Personal Blog

Women’s Choice Women’s Choice is my personal home blog. In this blog, I aim to write anything under the sun for as long as they’re all about women and their likes! I also write here my personal journey as a woman.

Zykies personal journal

Zzzz… Whaaaat??? A journal of 2 kids’ growing years in Germany.

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