Benefits of Band Mica Heaters

Though heaters provide warmth to homes and keep those homes at a high temperature, larger heaters have uses in industrial applications. One example of an industrial heater is a band mica heater, which some manufacturers also call a band heater. These heaters are best for use in manufacturing plants that utilize injection molding processes. If you own or work in one of those plants, you can learn more about the benefits of these heaters.

Cylindrical Shape

The band in the name refers to the cylindrical shape of the heater, which resembles a large band surrounding the internal components. This simple shape allows the heater to push warm air up and out of the opening at one end, but some designs allow the heater to give off a large amount of heat around the sides and edges. The heat produced by the device allows plastics and other liquids to move smoothly into the mold and helps the plastic dry faster.

Dependable and Long Lasting

One reason why manufacturers of these heaters use mica is because it is a dependable and long lasting material. Though you might think of mica as a soft type of rock that breaks into layers and pieces with just a small amount of pressure, it works great when used in a heater. The mica actually helps conduct the heat to keep the heater at the perfect temperature for your needs. You can even replace the mica used in some designs to keep the heater running and working for years.

Customize Your Design

Do you need a heater with a specific diameter, height and width? When you shop some websites, you might find that you can only select from a few specific sizes. Those companies identified the most popular sizes and only offer the sizes they think will sell. Other websites and companies let you customize the design based on your exact needs. Though custom building a heater may cost a little more, it’s worth the price to get the perfect heater for your business. Shop today to find custom band heaters and other heaters suitable for your company.

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