Book Parade Costume Ideas

Book parade is happening at my daughter’s school once a year. Last year it happened after my daughter’s 7th birthday. I didn’t think twice but let her wore Sofia the First gown. It was her themed on her birthday. I think book parade happens during November so I really need to think of a costume. It’s already second week of October and time flies really.

My daughter and I are thinking of a tooth fairy costume. She always wear princess costume so I’m thinking of something new. I have always seen fairy costumes but not always a tooth fairy.   I will research more of this costume and consider it as my daughter’s book parade costume. Stores already selling costumes for Halloween and I don’t see tooth fairy costume, most of the time fairy costumes only.  I haven’t seen any tooth fairy costume selling near my place so I think I need to be created on this thing. If not tooth fairy costume, I’m also thinking of just simply a fairy costume or daughter’s old snow white costume back to princess, hahah!

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