Born This Way – Lady Gaga & Maria Aragon

It’s been a long time since I mentioned about music on my blog. So I wanted to share with you the song that became my favorite for this month.  

I’m sure you are familiar with Maria Aragon a young Filipina who lived in Canada together with her family. She became popular because of Youtube in which she performs Lady Gaga’s latest song Born This Way. The video in youtube has already 22,354,886 views (wow) while the original video of Lady Gaga has more than 17 millions views only (this is based on the comment left in Maria’s video). Anyway, this is the first time I saw the full video and I was amazed by her voice. In case you haven’t seen the video I will share it with you.

Maria Aragon and Lady Gaga already met when the latter had a concert in Toronto Canada a couple of days ago. Before this Lady Gaga asked Maria Aragon to have duet with her who would say no to that. I searched the video of their performance in youtube and this is what I got. Filipino really rocks all over the world 🙂

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