Bring some excitement into your sex life

Everyone hits a rut sometimes, but with these great toys, you’ll never want to leave the bed again! Here are five powerful tools for both solo and partnered pleasure.

1: Miracle Massager

When a girl’s best friend is her vibrator, only the best will do. Let the Miracle Massager take you on an incredible journey of self-fulfillment with orgasmic heights unreachable by your fingers alone.

2: Fetish Fantasy Series Clit Pump

If certain parts of you are feeling neglected in the bedroom, look no further than Fetish Fantasy’s amazing clitoris stimulator. Not only will it send shock waves from your head to your toes, but it’s also a hands-free device, meaning you can enjoy its pump while your hands work other pleasures.

3: The Big O

Take the torture to him with a vibrating cock ring that guarantees hours of amazing agony. Once he’s subject to the mercy of the controller, he’ll think twice about talking back to you.

4: Spectragel Anal Stuffer

This butt plug is made of asymmetrical bulb jelly for a slow, realistic glide. Pop your anal cherry with its fearsome girth and five-inch length, or use it to stretch yourself in new and exciting ways for further play.

5: Playful Curve G-Spot Massager

With multiple speeds and a smooth, shapely design, this G-Spot Massager will take you to O-town every time. Forget about fruitless struggles to find that special spot: This vibrator was made to seek it out!

These are just a few ways to bring some excitement into your sex life. Click here for more!

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