For the First Time Giveaway Contest

This is the second time that this blog will join blog contest. The first one is still in progress so I am crossing my fingers. Anyway, back to this contest Shela of Kurdapya meets world is having her “For the First Time” giveaway contest. And she is giving this lovely purse so I’m trying my luck for this one. This contest will runs till March 31, 2011 and it’s open to international bloggers.

By the way Shela is also managing the two other blogs namely Motherly Instinct and Simply Filipina.

How to add google friend connect to wordpress?

How to add Google Friend Connect to wordpress? This is the question that other bloggers asked me. So I think of creating this post so if someone will ask me again the same question I can easily link them through this post. There are illustrations provided to understand it more easily.

Step 1 – Go to – Create an account just click Get Started. See illustrations below.

 Step 2 – Once account has been created just log in and start creating your Google Friend Connect.  Click Add the members gadget then add new site.

Step 3 – Provide the necessary information’s.

Step 4 – After providing the information’s you will direct in the image below. Its your choice if you want to edit it or not. Then Get your Code and put it in your wordpress account.

How to add the code generated on wordpress. Just follow the following steps.

 Step 1 – Go to your WordPress blog.

Step 2 – In your Dashboard, select widgets.

Step 3 –  Drag the Text link in your sidebar then Add the code you created above.

Step 4 – Just Save it and invite your friends to follow your blog. That’s it! I hope I help you 🙂

Yay! working away from home!

Yesterday I started working again in my sister’s computer shop. It’s been 3 years since the last time i worked with regular salary. After i gave birth with Kyla i stopped working and became WAHM/SAHM. Anyway, i don’t have regular job I will be working only for 2 weeks; the other employee has filed for 2 weeks vacation so I am just a substitute until she comes back.  My sister asked me if i can work again for that short period of time. I grabbed it since we are talking about moolah here :). And besides i can still work in my regular blogging routine even I am working in the shop. If there are customers to assist then that’s the time I will be busy but if not I can work on my blog and other earning sites.

I used to work here in computer shop 6 years ago if my memory is right, lol. So the kind of job I’m dealing now is not new to me. Anyway, this is just a quick update about my personal thing. Till my next post…Thanks for always visiting this humble blog 🙂

Thank you very much :)

Its 1st day of the month of March time flies so quickly isn’t it? Remembered the first post of this blog? Ok, now this blog is celebrating its 1 month and 1 week old. I am surprised to see that I have 73 followers already hmmm that was quick to reach. My Working at home blog reached 73 followers when its almost a year old of existing. So I am really thankful – thank you so much really you know who you are :). In this short span I wrote 37 posts including this one, 475 approved comments and another 56 from spammers, lol. Now I just think if these spammers are really a threat in this blog or a friendly one hehe because they served as my traffic also hmmm… correct me if I’m wrong.

I even got 2 opps already from Blogsvertise and hopefully i will get the payment this month.

Another thing to thankful is my alexa ranking. When this blog started I have less than 2 Million now in a short period it’s now down to 360 Thousand. So I guess PR or Page Rank is the next thing to work on. Obviously this blog has no PR yet and hoping that the next time that Mr. G would give an update this humble blog will receive one, Mr. G have mercy, lol. Again, thank you very much for your support in this blog and for leaving comments in my posts. Hope it will not stop here but it will last forever … a million thanks 🙂


Weekend Blog Follower Caravan Week 8

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan week 8 is here and still about following via Google Friend Connect. So if you’re not yet a follower of this blog I guess its time to do so 🙂 Please follow also my other blog Working at Home
Just leave comment on this post after following and I will surely follow you back, thanks much.

summer vacation, jewelries and sandals anyone?

Summer is just a few months away and when we are talking about summer it means vacation. Swimming is one way to enjoy summer its good that there are numerous beaches and pools leisure nearby in our place. So I’m thinking now to get roxy bathing suits I visited their site and I’m glad that there are wide selections of swim wear. They even offer some discount rates plus the styles are pretty and indeed fashionable. Anyway, after swimming sometimes our hair became dried and difficult to manage. So it is important that we have tea tree shampoo using this will really help our hair to make it free from dryness not only that it is the natural way to nurture and protect hair and to stimulate healthy hair growth.
Anyway, I will leave about this swimming vacation while surfing I come across with this question “what makes a woman complete?” And some of the answers are having good relationship, be in fashion, jewelries and watches, clothes and accessories, sandals and a like. At any rate, I think it’s true most of us love jewelries especially woman right? For us our outfit will never be complete without a pair of jewels. It’s good that there are different jewelries sell online and designs are pretty. Well still it’s a love month and at this time mostly man makes marriage proposal in this month. So if you are looking for 3 carat engagement ring to give I will help you with that. I know a site where you could find jewelries especially rings with pretty designs and super low prices because of the discounts that they are offering now.
Enough for that another thing that a woman wants is to have pretty shoes or sandals to be pair in their pretty clothes and jewelries. There are different kinds of shoes and sandals available in the market today. And one of them is jeweled sandals; this is really interesting because of the jewel design and some sandals have swarovski too. This will add glamour to your sandals agree or not hehe.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7

Time for Weekend Blog Follower Caravan once again and for this week Google Friend Connect Follower is back due to public demand 🙂

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other.

Just Leave Comment here after following this blog and i will follow you back , thanks a lot!

VPN Master

Have you heard about VPN Master? Well this is a site that offers professional VPN hosting. They offer only 30 clients per server so you will get full broadband speed. They also have 24/7 On-line Technical Support in case there is a problem. If I need hosting for my site I will think to Buy VPN and experience the goodness of their service.

Thank you so much!

I started this blog 5 days ago and I’m happy because I have 32 followers already. Thank you so much for your support 🙂 because of this I have the guts to continue what I am doing. Just bear with me because as I said before I am not a writer, I don’t even think that I will engage in blogosphere. But then again, I am here already and this is my second blog :). Hope you will continue your support in this blog and with my other blog. Thank you again and goodluck in all our doings.