Huge Heart in SM City Lucena

Days are passing by so quickly time again for Mellow Yellow Monday as well as Ruby Tuesday. This is the first time I actually joined the two meme in one post. So here is my chosen photo, today is the last day of love month so I want to share this photo with you all. This was taken few days ago in SM City Lucena as you can see it’s a huge heart inline with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The girl sitting in the bench is my daughter Kyla who’s not always game to pose in camera hehe. She’s looking in somewhere while holding her hat with some red colors on it. Anyway, I hope you can see also the yellow things here.  Some of the people passing by are carrying yellow plastic. Also the paintings have yellow color. There is yellow thing at the back of the red heart I guess it’s the small booth that sells mobile cards.

Edsa, 25 years after

Now we are celebrating Edsa @25, I was 8  when Edsa Revolution happened. I am not aware on what is happening in my environment that time. Anyway, as I am growing I learned about how we became free from the autocratic leadership of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. And it’s because of the People Power held way back 1986 that we finally live free.

So what happened 25 years after? Are there any changes in our government or is there any change in our condition before and after. Indeed we received our freedom but are there any changes in our situation?

Anyway, just want to share this song Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo by ASAP Rock Artists – the new version of “The Song of People Power.” Are you familiar with this song?

Credit to the owner of this video in youtube – thanks much!


Delectable/Delicious, Dolls, Denim

It’s time for ABC Wednesday and we are on the letter D already. Days are passing by so quickly (another letter D hehe) Anyway here is my share D is for my Daughter. And she had a Delectable or Delicious cake during her birthday last November. D is for Dolls she got all of these as her presents. And lastly D is for Denim 🙂

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Chinese New Year & Clear Clouds

Only few hours away and we will witness Chinese New Year. These photos are taken in the mall. It was their decoration inline with the celebration. So do you think you are lucky this year of the rabbit? Anyway just wanna great all Chinese and Filipino-Chinese… Kung Hei Fat Choi 🙂

Also I just want to show these clouds that I taken this morning. It’s been raining for the past days and it’s good to see these clear clouds.

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