Wellness Optimization 101: Simple Strategies That Will Keep You Healthy And Happy

Cultivating wellness is an incredibly important life strategy to implement. This is the case for numerous reasons, including the fact that you must have a great deal of energy to realize your personal dreams and professional goals. Also note that being well helps optimize your physical appearance, thereby enhancing your self-confidence. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can deploy to make wellness an integral component of your life. Here are three of them:

1. Take A Break.

In a world where many people find themselves continually stressed by their jobs or social life, it’s important to periodically get away from it all. One great way to make this happen is by going on a great vacation. There are a ton of options available to you, but it’s typically best to concentrate on finding a location that really appeals to you. If you like resort-like spaces, you might be interested in Marriott Singer Island. Before you select any specific resort or vacation space, make sure you do online research to ensure that you’re going to a reputable location.

2. Drink More Water.

As many health experts know, the majority of Americans are dehydrated. This reality is highly problematic for several reasons. First, being dehydrated oftentimes leads to overeating as people mistake thirst for hunger. If this happens regularly, you could put yourself at risk for gaining unwanted weight. Another problem that can result from ongoing dehydration is constipation. A third issue caused by dehydration is a compromised metabolism, and this factor can make it more difficult for you to maintain your current weight or shed extra pounds if you feel the need to do so. With these realities in mind, make sure that you focus on implementing strategies that will help keep you hydrated throughout the day. An example would be keeping a water bottle with you at work!

3. Implement An Exercise Routine.

One final strategy you should deploy to get and remain healthy is implementing an exercise routine. This process is empowering for many reasons. For example, engaging in regular physical activity will typically engender most or all of the following outcomes:

• boosted immunity

• enhanced metabolism

• clearer skin

Don’t Delay: Start Focusing On Wellness Today!

There are many ways that you can begin leading a life marked by profound wellness. Three of them include taking a break, drinking more water, and implementing an exercise routine!

New Dentistry Techniques Give Patients Options

Going to the dentist has long been a less than appetizing option for many. Some people had difficult experiences when they were children. Others have a needle phobia. Others still just don’t like sitting in a chair and experiencing pain. While going to the dentist is still less than pleasant, new techniques are giving people options they’ve never had before. Read dentistry journals and you’ll find a host of new techniques for people who have suffered a traumatic injury or experienced chronic issues.

Dental implants are getting more effective and efficient, too. In the past, if a person lost his or her teeth, they’d have to rely on dentures or an expensive process. Today, it’s much easier for dentists and mouth surgeons to fix the issue. Today’s implants look more like real teeth and are much easier to manage. The surgery is less risky and saves people money. While it’s still best to have your own teeth in your mouth, people who lose those teeth today have a great option for replacements.

Root canal therapy has gotten more effective, as well. This therapy has long been a major fear for many people. Root canals are notoriously painful and unpleasant. They don’t smell good, and they can lead to tooth breakage down the line. Today, more and more dentists are finding ways to fix infected teeth without compromising the integrity of the tooth. When a person has a painful abscess in their tooth, it’s critical to get care right away. Without it, they can suffer long-term consequences or death. Dentists have figured out how to make this process less painful and easier to execute in a short period of time.

Dentistry still has a long way to go before it becomes pleasant. People still have reasonable fear of sitting down in that dentist’s chair. Dentists have figured out this fear, though, and they’re working to come up with new ways of accommodating the public. With the new procedures many dentists try today, people are saving money and getting solutions that will last. This prevents return trips to the dentist, allowing the average person to feel much more comfortable with the process.

WILD Diseases that are widespread during Rainy Season

Beware of WILD diseases during rainy season. WILD stands for  Waterborne diseases, Influenza, Leptospirosis, and Dengue.

Waterborne diseases are common during rainy season especially when children drink contaminated water. If it happens children may suffer from diarrhea or cholera. Parents should look for signs of dehydration like little urinary, parched, and haggard eyes.

Influenza  – more commonly known as the flu. This is characterized by colds, cough and fever . Child who has flu is advised to stay at home and not to go to school.  Influenza is usually heals within 5-7 days. Paracetamol should be given to the patient and not antibiotic. However if the child has a hard time breathing or taking more than 40 breaths per min, it could be pneumonia, if this is the case the child should immediately be brought in the hospital

Leptospirosis – bacterial infections from infected urine of rat. Even after the flood, it is not safe to play in the mud because the disease is transmitted here.

Dengue – Public urged to destroy breeding places of mosquitoes to avoid this deadly disease. To avoid mosquito bites especially the children be sure to wear long sleeves and long pants. 

Do It Yourself Insect Repellent

It is rainy season once again. One of the illnesses that we are afraid of during rainy season is the deadly dengue, this is cause by the bite of mosquito called Aedes Aegypti.  Say no to mosquitoes. One way to prevent the harmful bite of  photo insect repellent_zpsjufxdi8u.jpegmosquito is by using insect repellent. We all know insect repellent is not cheap so it’s best to find other alternatives or make our own insect repellent.

I saw this on TV; do it yourself insect repellent, I find it easy and cheap to make so I will surely make any of these insect repellent.

1)  Lemon Citrus Insect Repellent

Citrus fruits like lemon contains lemonine which mosquito and other insects doesn’t like the smell. It is easy to make the solution, all you have to do is boil water and put slices of lemon when the water is already boiling, wait until the extract comes out. After this let it cool, filter and transfer in a spray bottle. You can use 1 lemon only. It is advice to apply the solution every hour because this is a mild lemon base insect repellent.

2) Essential Oil insect repellent – we can make this kind of repellent using different kinds of oil such as essential oil, castor oil and alcohol. Essential oil gets from natural sources like flower, seed of plants, and fruits. Alcohol is also needed because this serves as the carrier of essential oil that will make the solution absorbs in the skin. Aside from alcohol olive oil and cooking oil can be used as carrier.

How to make Essential Oil insect repellent?

1 Tbsp alcohol, mix with 1 tbsp oil, 10 drops of castor oil and 10-15 drops of essential oil of your choice. They said the most effective is citronella and eucalyptus oil. Mix all together and put in spray bottle.

3) Lemongrass Insect repellent

Citronella is known as natural shield in mosquito but it is more effective if mix with lemongrass. Citronella is also from lemongrass family so it’s ok to combine.

If the mosquitoes smell citronella, eucalyptus, lemon oil and lemongrass they are destructed and tend to go other direction.

To do the solution, slice lemongrass and mix in small pieces of citronella, put in blender. If it’s already refined, transfer in a bowl and put 1 tbsp oil. Boil in a saucepan to get the extract. Let it cool, strain and put in spray bottle.

Voila, three easy do it yourself Insect Repellent. All these are environment friendly, effective, and very cheap to make.








Three Ways a Type 2 Diabetic Can Lower Blood Sugar

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it is because your glucose levels are too high. Over time, your body will suffer a variety of problems associated with high levels of blood sugar; all of them are debilitating. Type 2 diabetes often leads to premature death, so you need to get your sugar under control today. The following are three ways to achieve this.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake
Carbohydrates are one of three sources of material that our bodies can use to convert to energy. The other two being protein and fat. Carbohydrates are broken down by insulin, so they can be used by the cells in our body. The more these carbohydrates can be reduced, the less work you insulin will have to do throughout the day. The highest concentration of carbohydrates is found in the cereal and grain food groups, so you should concentrate your effort here. Carbohydrates are specified in grams. Count your carbohydrate intake each day as you check your blood sugar. You will quickly discover what your personal limitation is for daily carbohydrate intake.

Lose all of your extra weight
This is important. A type 2 diabetic cannot afford to carry extra weight. If you are overweight, you are making your body work harder to process carbohydrates with your body’s insulin. In essence, this is what a type 2 diabetic suffers from: the tolerance in using insulin. As you lose weight, there is less work done with insulin, as your body using the stored fat for energy. After you reduce your weight to a proper level, there will be less calories consumed, and therefore, less carbohydrates to process.

Exercise daily
When you exercise, your metabolism increases. In other words, the process in which food is converted to energy increases. Calories burn faster, and your body begins to use insulin more efficiently. Exercise will also help you to lose weight, so it complements the effect of weight reduction. This creates a one-two punch in reducing your blood sugar levels.

The above three ideas for reducing your blood sugar are tried and true. They are not easy to accomplish, but the evidence for them being the path to control blood sugar is overwhelming. Start today in implementing these ideas, and make them a habit in your life. Staying slim, exercising and maintaining a low carbohydrate diet are the essentials of a type 2 diabetic lifestyle. Consulting with doctors in cypress tx can help you with any medication you may need.

Carrot-Apple Smoothie and Banana-Apple Smoothie

There were vegetables and fruits in the fridge for days. I decided to make juice out of carrot and apple. I prepared the carrots and apple to be used. Then I got my juicer that hid from the cabinet for a long time. When I about to start the juicer I saw the cord was not in good form. So I decided not to use it. So instead of having fresh juice, I think of making smoothie and I will use my Shake N Go to make quick smoothie. I purchased this online and used one time only last summer. Now, that I will be using it again, I was shocked because it didn’t work. When I clicked the power button nothing happened. I was sad not because I can’t make smoothie but my Shake N Go was broken already and to think I only used it once since I bought it. Good thing we have blender so I used it to make shake/smoothie. I made two; carrot-apple smoothie and banana-apple smoothie.

smoothie photo Smoothies_zps92zmutbc.jpg

These refreshing smoothies are my best companion this summer. It’s not complicated to make and just put all the ingredients (choice of fruits, ice, milk and some water) inside the blender, shake it and it’s done. Enjoy refreshing drinks and I believed it is healthy =).

What You Need to Know About Radon

Radon gas is one of the deadliest in the world. But what do you really know about this silent killer, and how can you be sure you’ve taken the right measures to protect your family? Here are just a few things you should be aware of when considering radon and the threat it brings into your home.

1. It’s completely undetectable.

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can only be detected through the use of special equipment. You won’t know if radon is in your home unless you have your property professionally evaluated. If you suspect that you’ve been exposed to radon, contact someone immediately.

2. It’s radioactive.

While less potent than a nuclear site by itself, radon is actually considered deadlier than a nuclear site because it represents such a big threat to the modern homeowner. You could be breathing in radon for years before you get sick.

3. It’s a big source of lung cancer.

Behind smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thinks that more than 20,000 people die from this each year in the U.S. alone.

4. It costs the country a lot of money.

All those healthcare costs are a big strain on the U.S. treasury. According to studies by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Surgeon General’s Office, radon-related medical treatment costs somewhere around $2 billion a year.

5. It’s everywhere.

One in three homes has a dangerous level of radon. This isn’t even including homes with radon levels under 4 pCi/L, the officially-recognized cutoff point for danger; one in three homes is above 4 pCi/L. Radon is a genuine epidemic for air quality.

6. Children are especially vulnerable.

No one is quite sure why children are affected by radon more than anyone else, but doctors think it may have something to do with their faster breathing rates. Their cells are another possibility; the cells of children divide quickly, making them more vulnerable to radiation in all its forms.

These are just a few warnings about the dangers of radon. If you’re scared, that’s a good thing; let your fear motivate you to actually have your home tested. Even if the tests come back negative, at least you’ll gain the peace of mind that your property is radon-free and safe for your loved ones.

Didn’t Feel the Summer

I can’t believe the month of May is almost over and of course we will be saying goodbye to summer already. Honestly, I didn’t feel summer though it was really hot everyday but it would be better if we have getaway. I think for the past years this was the only time we didn’t visit a place last Holy Week. We normally visit a place during Holy week but as I said this time was different. Because of the illness of my mother started last December last year and until now it’s hard for us to do the previous things we used to do. Honestly, I’m really really bored in the house but I can’t go whenever I want because my mother should have someone beside her. With her illness we can’t predict what would happen. I just pray that God will continue to bless her especially with good health. I pray that God will make miracle and let my mother lives the way she wanted. I mean my mother wants to go out every time. She loves going to the market, mall and shop on her own. With her condition it’s impossible to do the things she used to enjoy. Well, I’m glad because there are improvements in her health condition and I know that her illness can be cured in God’s time.

Back pain leave me alone!

I am suffering from upper left back pain for almost two weeks already. I remembered I slept on the floor and felt pain afterward. I thought it’s just a joint pain and will disappear easily. But as I said it’s almost two weeks and still suffering from pain. I didn’t ask for any opinion from doctor because it’s not really painful but today is different. So, mother called the neighbor who is a physical therapist. After she saw my back she said it’s already swollen and has nodules. So she began massaging using oil. After almost thirty minutes of pressing my back I still felt the pain and until now I am writing this post. 

I’m thinking the back pain I have now is because of numb and too much working in computer. And even after long hours of working online I will do bathing without resting for minutes or an hour. Aside from that the back pain became worst because I am taking a bath daily in early morning and I’m using cold water even though I have back pain. So she advised me to take a bath using lukewarm water and do it in a short time. She also mentioned my back pain will not go away instantly after what she did to me. I will still feel the pain till three days. She said if after that day nothing changes she will do the massage once again. 

I hope by tomorrow or in the coming days my back pain will go away and nothing serious will happen. This coming week is a busy week because my daughter will have her first quarterly examination so I need to review her lessons for the past two months. Another thing, they will celebrate National Language Month (Buwan ng Wika) this Friday. I need to prepare her Igorot costume and other things so I’m really hoping and praying that my back pain will go away. It’s hard to do something if you are feeling uneasy so help me God. 

Ways to prevent dengue

Still dengue remains a problem here in the country. Dengue fever is a serious case because it can lead to demise if not treated early. And the kind of weather we have today there are many mosquitoes wandering around. We should take extra precaution because everyone without exception can be a victim of dengue fever. In fact, there is no age limit because there were reports before that less than month old experienced dengue. So we need to be very careful at all times. Let us start by making our environment clean. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so make sure to cover all water containers. Mosquito can create multiple eggs which only mean more mosquitoes are coming.

Here are other ways to prevent dengue

When your child is playing make sure they are wearing long-sleeved clothing and pants especially outdoors activity. Make sure it is comfortable like cotton clothes. 

Have install mosquito screens on windows. 

Use sprays, creams or other mosquito repellents. 

Many are not using mosquito net but this is a big help. 

Make sure to cover water containers or any other water pails to stop mosquito from breeding. 

We should change the water in flower vases at least once a week. 

Close the window especially in the late afternoon.  

Dengue is a serious case so we should not ignore it. We don’t want to see our love ones carrying this kind of sick. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure so I hope we should do our part. 

Anyway, I saw OFF liquid lotion on sale. It is a kind of insect repellent. I purchased 100 ml and received another 50 ml bottle for free. Though I’m not sure if OFF lotion is the best insect repellent but many of the mommies are using this product so I am giving this a try.