DIY Stuff and the weather

I promised to show my DIY stuff but sorry because until now I’m not able to show it. I already finished shoe storage box and paper garbage out of old magazines but I have a problem with my card reader reason I couldn’t transfer the photos in laptop. I’m thinking to buy new card reader because this was a problem for a long time already. 

On the other side it’s so hot in our place. How could you stay in the room if the temperature is 34 degrees? Maybe this is also one reason why I don’t have the guts of finishing my DIY stuff. Well, in the other part of the country it’s been raining and even resulting to flood just like what happened in Metro Manila and their nearby places. But here in our place we seldom have rains. Should I take this as a blessing? Well yes, we are blessed and thankful because of that. I just wish hot temperature will not cause anything bad especially to our health. 

Anyhow, tomorrow after my daughter’s school we will visit the store and buy card reader so will be able to show my DIY stuff. Have you make any DIY stuff?

Surprised Postcard

I was surprised this morning because I saw a postcard on top of the television. So I immediately read it to find out who sent it to me. And guess what it’s from sis (Ate) Rose of Rose Obstacles and Glories well this is just one of her many blogs. If you don’t know her you are missing so much in blogosphere, heheh.

This is the first time I received postcard from non relatives (based on my memory). So this postcard is really a memorable one for me and it’s made my day happy. Thank you also Sis (Ate) Rose for being a friend to me and yes hope we can meet someday. I will keep and treasure this postcard. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Regards to your family especially to your burritos.