The Coffee Drinkers Buddy

Our house represents our personality. We filled it with the best things we love and enjoy. The way we arrange our home furniture , the design of our house and even the painting colors of our rooms are very essential and significant on how we move around in our everyday lives. Each person has their own favorite part of the house. Of course , the kids love the entertainment room where they can have lots of time watching TV or playing indoor games. The teens maybe prefer to be at their bedroom because of peace and privacy. They love to do things inside their room without the prying eyes of the parents. What about us mothers? I guess it’s our kitchen. It is the heart of every home, it is also commonly used for meeting friends and family. Every day, we spend hours in our kitchens preparing meals for our loved ones, washing dishes or making a cup coffee early in the morning and late evening.

Talking about coffee drinking , I believed that it is now just a habit but becoming a passion that more and more coffee enthusiasts are perfecting. Our cup great tasting blend of coffee would never be complete without the best coffee beans, our choice of other ingredients ( Hazel Nuts, Honey Butter or milk) and most of all, a good quality coffee makers. Have you heard of Proctor Silex Coffee Makers ? It’s known not only for the quality but most of all for their innovative features which ensure flavor and aroma to your coffee. It’s one of the products of the Proctor Silex company which offers consumers a wide array of appliances since 1960. Don’t you know that the company had many firsts? They are the first silent toaster, first electric glass coffeemaker, first cord-attached iron, first toaster oven ,first pop-up toaster/toaster oven and many more.

If you are thinking of having good quality kitchen appliances, think of Proctor and Silex!

Practical Home Décor Ideas

It’s one thing to page through the home décor magazines and look at picture perfect homes where it seems no one actually lives; it’s quite another thing to be faced with you own place filled with teenage and kids bedding, toys, clothing and the chaos that seems to go hand in hand with family life. While it would be nice to live like they do in the magazines, the reality is that you probably need more practical home décor solutions.

Maybe the bathroom is crowded with all sorts of toys, toiletries and stuff that could be better stored elsewhere – take stock of each item and think about where it could best be stored. Things like bathroom and powder room accessories and sets can help to organize and store articles and create a neater and more coordinated look. Stick with solid colors in a neutral palette when you have a small bathroom as they open up the space more than a print or pattern will. Mirrors can help to make any room look larger and they are especially helpful in a bathroom.

Hampers are a great family-friendly décor aid – use them to store spare bedding, toys, stuffed animals, towels and seasonal clothing. Something as simple as a set of plastic laundry baskets can be useful for getting small children in the habit of picking up after themselves; place a laundry basket by the back door to collect shoes, wet clothing and other stuff. Invest in some pop-up hampers – they are especially handy because they are there when you need them and fold flat for easy storage when you don’t; use them to store sporting goods, pool toys, beach gear and more.

Want to enjoy our old healthy garden

I missed our old healthy garden where we sit and talk especially during late afternoon. It’s a small garden in front of the house. I remember, the grasses were all healthy and have a greenly color. I don’t know what happened after so many years the grasses became unhealthy and there are other grasses that are growing. My late father was the one who managed our small garden but after he passed away, the garden became unmanaged. I want to see our old garden back especially today I have daughter already. I want her to experience sitting and playing on a healthy garden. If you could just see our present garden, you wouldn’t love to sit because of unwanted grasses growing. I am thinking of having push reel mower. I believe it will help back our old healthy garden. Well, have to search online and look for the best mower. I’m looking forward to see our mini garden looking best once again.

Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas

Guest post written by friend Vicky Dean

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us have room in abundance whilst others barely have room to turn around. With so many pots, pans and modern kitchen accessories you can soon find that your cupboards are full and your workspaces are overcrowded. With a little bit of rearrangement and some nifty storage solutions you can soon put your kitchen in order and really maximize the space that you do have.

Tea Towel Storage 

Tea towels are only small but because you have to leave them out to dry they really can clutter up your kitchen. Clean tea towels are usually kept in a kitchen draw and then hung precariously on draw knobs or handles to dry out. More often than not they find their way on to the floor and end up dirtier and messier than ever. This is where over the door tea towel rails come in handy. There is no screwing or drilling involved as you simply hook the rail over one of your cupboard doors. They are very useful because you do not need to find a dedicated space for the rail to go and you are making the most of something that already exists in your kitchen.

Free up some cupboard space 

If your cupboard space is limited you need to try and find new ways of storing your jars and other food products. Half of the time your space is being wasted by goods with enormous amounts of exterior packaging that can easily be removed and stored without it. If you are still struggling then maybe you could try a door rack. They can be easily fixed on to the inside of any cupboard door and are wide enough to store bottles in but not so wide that they end up taking up all of the interior of the cupboard! They are great for things like condiments, vinegars, spices and even cleaning products.

Hang it up 

One of the most spacious yet overlooked places in your kitchen is that which is overhead. With a little bit of creativity and a ladder you can make the most of this space by fixing up a hanging rail. Hanging rails are best for hanging saucepans and other large utensils from.  You need to make sure that the rail is hung at the right height so you can reach your pots and pans but it isn’t so low that you keep crashing into it!

About the author: Vicky works alongside Stuart Morris and loves to write about the home. She especially enjoys covering topics like interior design, home textiles and tea towels.

About the author: Vicky works alongside Stuart Morris and loves to write about the home. She especially enjoys covering topics like interior design, home textiles and tea towels.

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