Considered myself as a Youtuber

I’m not doing blogging regularly; instead I enjoy making youtube videos lately, hahah! I started my youtube account way back 2011. That time, the only reason was to open an account because I need an account to comply on my previous task online. By the way, you can see my account here, I need subscriber so please do, hahah! The named thepigrabbit1 came from a Korean drama; You’re Beautiful starring Park Shin Hye (one of my fave Korean actress) and Jang Keun-suk. I was watching this drama when I made my youtube account and one of the funny scenes was Jang Keun-suk made changes with the two stuffed toys, pig and rabbit. He said he needs to make surgery with the toys by taking the nose of the pig and transferred to the nose of the rabbit. So, I didn’t think of another name and put thepigrabbit1.

When I started my youtube account, I tried to upload videos of my daughter activities in school. I noticed only few viewers so I think of making videos more appealing. But I didn’t give attention of my youtube account because I prefer blogging. I don’t know but after 4 years, I check my youtube account again and started uploading videos. This time, I tried compilation of korean drama because I’m a real fan of Kdrama. I uploaded video last week of December 2015 about upcoming korean drama 2016 and was surprised to see viewers around the world. I think the highest views I got from my previous videos was 500 something. This time when I uploaded korean stuff, I have viewers regularly and got 30K viewers and counting. Wow, from 500 to 30K. For me it was a success, hahah! I know its far from other youtubers who got million views of their single video but 30K views and I’m claiming it will rise in the coming days, this is something to rejoice, hahah!

I made another korean drama just part 2 of the previous one and it also receives views regularly. The last time I checked, it has 8K viewers. I really can’t believe it. Also, from 3 subscribers for 4 years, now I have 50 something. And I believed it happened because of the korean drama I uploaded. It’s not easy to make videos because you need to give your time. Another thing, I’m not the owner of the images I have used and youtube is very strict to that. I believed I’m using public photos so it passed youtube guidelines. If you need to put music or song to your video, youtube is very strict to that and they can check if it is copyrighted. If you didn’t comply with the rules or guidelines there’s a possibility of removing your account. So, if you want to share videos as well be careful in uploading videos and make sure to comply with their rule and regulations to avoid account termination. I hope it wouldn’t happen to me because I’m enjoying youtube lately and receiving earnings as well.

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