Reasons to Move to the Seattle Suburbs

Nestled as far Northwest as possible in the continental United States, Washington State is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Each year more families are flocking there from other parts of the nation, and for good reasons. Consider bringing your family to the Great Northwest and find out why firsthand.


Whether your kids are being sent to a public school in Maple Valley or to Sammamish private schools, Washington takes education seriously. The numbers don’t lie:

  • As of January 2019, Washington was ranked the tenth most educated state in the country, while the Seattle-Tacoma area is the ninth most educated city in the country.
  • Washington ranks within the top 20 states for best public school systems.
  • The gender gap in Washington State is getting smaller; the state ranks best in the whole nation for both genders getting an education


There’s a reason that Washington is called the Evergreen State: it is full of trees and natural beauty. This is not limited to plant life; Mount Rainier is the crown jewel of the Seattle area. An active volcano that is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, there is so much beauty in its shadow. Aside from Mount Rainier National Park itself, there are hundreds of other places for outdoorsy types who love nature. Some of these include:

  • Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • Puget Sound
  • Lake Washington


Say what you will about Seattle fans, but they are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in the country. Whether your sport is football, soccer or baseball, there’s a team for you in Washington.

  • Football: Seahawks
  • Baseball: Mariners
  • Soccer: Sounders
  • Hockey: Thunderbirds

One thing that Seattle fans can boast that is unique to them? They are LOUD AND PROUD. December 3rd, 2013 marked the day that Seahawks fans set the record for the loudest cheering, creating a small earthquake.

One of the most gorgeous places on Earth, it’s easy to fall in love with the Seattle area. Visiting once might result in a lifelong love affair.

How to Prepare for Your Tropical Spring Vacation

Believe it or not, spring vacations are right around the corner, and if you are like most people, you are just beginning to think about planning your next vacation. Chances are good that you have picked a warm weather location in an effort to warm up from the chill of the winter. The Caribbean is a popular spot as is Florida and Hawaii for those looking to stay closer to home. However, other favorite warm spots include the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Wherever your travels take you this spring, be sure that you are thoroughly prepared by following these four tips.

Prep Your Body

First, consider how your body looks. You are most likely going to be wearing some body-baring looks, such as sundresses, shorts and bathing suits, and you will want to feel proud of your body and not self-conscious at all. Therefore, now is the time to start getting your body into shape. If you are not currently exercising at all, start with moderate-paced walks before working up to more full-body or cardio routines. Some great options to get you into shape are planks and other body weight exercises for your core and arms as well as barre exercises for your buttocks and legs. Of course, you cannot forget about your mind. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all you have to get done, add in some yoga once or twice each week for its calming benefits.

Prep Your Budget

The only way to afford your next vacation comfortably is to start planning the financial aspect of it now. Consider booking your hotel, resort or cruise now because there may be an early-bird discount. Also, write out a basic budget of what you plan on spending for travel, lodging, food, activities and souvenirs. Then, be sure to slowly put that amount into savings over the next few months so that you do not have to depend on your credit cards to see you through your vacation expenses.

Prep Your Clothes

Because you have most likely been living in jeans and sweaters or cozy leggings and sweatshirts for months, you will want to gather your summer wardrobe around you to see if you have what you need. Consider whether you will need any formal apparel or if you will need mainly shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. Then, add in a few key pieces that are new to help you get excited about your upcoming plans. For example, choose a daring new sundress or some designer swimwear that will show off your body to perfection.

Take Care of Details

Of course, your body, your budget and your clothes are not all that you will have to consider before you leave home. Most families have several other details that they must take care of before hitting the road. If you are going to be gone for a week or more, you may need to ask someone to check on your house occasionally, especially if you have plants that need watering. If you have a pet, be sure to get a trustworthy kennel or sitter lined up now. You will also want to make sure that your upcoming bills are paid before you leave town. Finally, ask your employer for time off work now so that there will be no surprises closer to your vacation time.

Preparing for a spring vacation can be nearly as exciting as going on the vacation itself. Your organization and planning will pay off dividends later, leaving you calm enough to enjoy your vacation thoroughly and ensuring that there are no worries on your mind. Plus, by preparing your body and your wardrobe ahead of time, you can feel strong and beautiful for your week away from home.

Hope I Could Visit You One Day … South Korea

One of the countries that I wanted to visit is South Korea. Ever since I became addicted to Korean drama series, I became a fan of their country also. No doubt their drama series are the best and the different places feature in kdrama is a must to see.

I know visiting Korean country is not easy because it requires visa especially if you are from the Philippines. I hope one day. Why I wanted to go to this country? I want to experience the different places I have seen in the drama series I already watched. I want to see the palaces in Seoul, museums and simply experience their culture.

I remember Boys over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho; one of the scenes here happened in Jeju Island (I hope my memory is right). The place is really captivating.

Aside from that I want to experience Korea’s weather especially the winter. Their foods like kimchi, it is a traditional fermented dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings and sometimes spicy or sour. I want to experience outdoor market like the one in Busan which has large number of stalls. In Busan, beaches are located in this place and said to be the summer capital of Korea because of their wonderful beaches. Living the life of a monk, the latter featured in some of the Korean series I watched. I want to experience this thing their lifestyle like getting up early for early morning prayers and eating simply vegetable dishes. Lastly, soju is always present in Korean drama, I don’t drink but of course I want to experience this popular liquor of Korea. I think I already mentioned why I love this country. I just wish that one day; I will experience everything I said and see the real beauty of South Korea.

*Google photos

Benefits of Traveling

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you travel. Sadly, I don’t practice this at all times. Money is always the dilemma, wink! But if I have lots of money, I will consider going from one place to another.

For me travel makes me feel stress free. You leave the problem in the house or at your work and just stay happy and enjoy the place. Though we have so many problems in life, sometimes we need to forget them for a while and do some relaxation by means of traveling. If money is really a problem and we can’t go farther. I think even a simple stroll in the neighborhood with beautiful flowers and clean surrounding will make us happy already.

Another benefit of traveling is meeting people with different cultures. It’s really nice to know other people and know their cultures. Probably, we could make friends with them. Aside from the culture and the people, the foods are always present. We are curious of the taste of the food in a certain place we visit. Of course we travel because we want to enjoy and witness the beautiful spot of different places.

Above all, travel creates memory for a lifetime. Memories that we can treasure and we can’t buy. How I wish I could do travel twice a year whether here in the Philippines or other countries. It would be an awesome experience. You only live once so make the most of it by going from one place to another. Hope soon!!!

Niyogyugan Festival Activities 2018

Yearly Niyogyugan Festival is happening in Quezon Province. The festival aims to showcase Quezon products such as products made from coconut tree and other products from different municipalities and cities of Quezon Province. Each town has one product to offer. Promotion of agri-tourism is also one of the priorities of the said festival.

In 2011, Quezon Province held the first AGRI-TOURISM Trade Fair that featured booths with agricultural products from different municipalities in Quezon. In the year 2012, the very first provincial festival was held, it is the celebration of the tree of life (which is coconut) and called Niyogyugan Festival. Since then, the festival becomes a yearly celebration happening month of August.

Niyogyugan was derived from the words niyog (coconut) and yugyug (to move to a beat). So expect jolly, lively and colorful festival with the coconut as the main theme of the celebration.  It would be two long weeks celebration starting on August 09-20, 2018.

Here are some of the activities for this year Niyogyugan Festival 2018

Looking forward to these two activities …

Who doesn’t like to watch these 4 talented singers for FREE ..

Although I saw Yassi Pressman and my daughter got to pose a pic with her, I still wanted to see her with JM de Guzman.


Know the True Cost of the Resort for Family Vacations

Planning a family vacation can represent a substantial investment. Vacationers are often surprised to learn that the true and total cost of a resort involves a lot more than the room rate. While the nightly charge directly affects the budget for the trip, resort fees, dining expenses, and transportation costs also factor heavily into the success of the trip. Finding affordable hotels in Orlando is one thing, but finding a great value is even better for families that want to take all of the stress out of trip to focus on having a good time and make a few memories.

hotel in Orlando photo hotel in orlando_zpsgjgpszfk.jpg
Resort Fees

Resort fess have popped up over the last few years as a way for hotels and resorts to present a lower room rate and still offer top quality features and entertainment. The resort fee often covers internet service, pool use, entertainment options, and even shuttle service, and since it can be presented as a per person or per room charge, it can be hidden from guests until the last minute. Using internet travel guides, like Hipmunk, to research a resort will get these fees revealed for accurate planning.

Dining Expenses

Just getting to a resort or theme park is a big step, but everyone in the family also has to eat while on vacation. Checking into dining options before making reservations allows a family to be sure that the tastes of everyone are going to be fulfilled while on the trip. Plus, checking out menus and prices allows for minimization of sticker shock in areas that cater almost exclusively to tourists. Knowing what to expect makes a huge difference.

Transportation Costs

Transportation costs contain more than simply renting a car or taking public transportation. Every minute spent waiting for a shuttle or taxi is another minute not enjoying the destination, which means knowing the schedule of transportation before booking a room is extremely important. Plus, parking fees for rental cars can be something of an unforeseen expense as well.

In the end, a little bit of planning and research can remove hidden costs from the equation and reveal the true cost of the resort. Online travel guides put this information in plain view, which makes preventing that low room rate from ballooning into the cost of a five-star resort. After all, getting a great value can be much more rewarding that finding a low price that offers little in the way of included extras.