Cebu-Bohol Get Away

We had unforgettable experienced in our Cebu and Bohol get away. Lots of fun I am happy that we are able to visit/see beautiful places in our country. Though we only spent 2 days in the said places it was good experienced for all of us.  Anyway, these are some of the photos I want to share to you as my entry for Ruby Tuesday. I will write about our get away/vacation in a separate post in a few days.

Floating restaurant cruising Loboc River
These are some of the foods we ate in the well-known floating restaurant in Loboc River

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15 thoughts on “Cebu-Bohol Get Away”

  1. I love Cebu! The people and the place it self. I haven’t been to Bohol yet but I hear a lot of good comments on that place. I’d love to see a tarsier and of course the Loboc River. Lucky you.

  2. I miss Bohol, the food, our Loboc river cruise back in 2009 was unforgettable, places we visited and of course the beautiful Panglao Island.I’m sure you had an awesome vacation. Belated happy valentines =)

  3. i miss Bohol very much. i pray to be there this year. its the hometown of my parents. ang sarap ng water melon, ganda ng kulay. happy RT Mona…will add your blog tonigth…cheers!

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