Designing With Fire

A trend in backyards is the installation of a fire pit. While most pits are constructed of simple materials that include concrete blocks and metal grates, there are a few fire pit landscaping designs that are highly detailed. You can use bricks to create a fire pit, arranging them in a circle and placing a grate on top for a simple but elegant look. Add a few candles along the perimeter of the pit along with flowers or other decorations for an outdoor attraction that blends with the exterior of the home.

Another design that you can create looks like a flagstone but on a larger scale. You would use large concrete blocks to make the circle, matching almost any kind of retaining wall design that you might have along the edge of the yard. The stones can be customized to a point using paint or other supplies. The stones cost a bit more than bricks, but they will sometimes last longer than bricks and other materials. If you’re looking for more of a detailed design, then use pieces of metal grates to make a pirate ship. An oval metal container can be used for the base since it has the shape of a ship. You can attach real flags on the top, but be aware of the fire in the pit so that they don’t catch on fire.

A cauldron can be used for a fire pit as well. You can create many designs using a cauldron, such as a Halloween theme with a witch or two on the side or a belt buckle and cowboy hat to create a cowboy display. Use wooden chairs and a wooden table around the cauldron for a relaxing place to sit that blends with the cowboy theme. You can also use stools that are made of large pieces of logs.

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