Didn’t Feel the Summer

I can’t believe the month of May is almost over and of course we will be saying goodbye to summer already. Honestly, I didn’t feel summer though it was really hot everyday but it would be better if we have getaway. I think for the past years this was the only time we didn’t visit a place last Holy Week. We normally visit a place during Holy week but as I said this time was different. Because of the illness of my mother started last December last year and until now it’s hard for us to do the previous things we used to do. Honestly, I’m really really bored in the house but I can’t go whenever I want because my mother should have someone beside her. With her illness we can’t predict what would happen. I just pray that God will continue to bless her especially with good health. I pray that God will make miracle and let my mother lives the way she wanted. I mean my mother wants to go out every time. She loves going to the market, mall and shop on her own. With her condition it’s impossible to do the things she used to enjoy. Well, I’m glad because there are improvements in her health condition and I know that her illness can be cured in God’s time.

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