Disadvantages of buying Pirated DVD

My enthusiasm of watching Korean series is back. So, lately I’m always looking for DVD in the market. I have hard time watching them online because my connection is very slow. It only ends up dismayed. Watching in television is nice because it’s already tagalized but watching them everyday is not my passion and sometimes I’m not at home so I missed some of the episodes. I’d rather buy DVD and watch it anytime. Quiet, I’m buying pirated DVD. I knew it’s prohibited but I’m just being practical and besides the quality is good as the original but not all. I also noticed in pirated DVD there are times dvd labels  aren’t correct. Same with the poster image I remember one time I bought Korean drama and the image is not right it’s supposed to be poster of the other Korean drama. I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of buying pirated one. Anyhow, I just bought 2 Korean  dramas and will watch it this weekend.

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