Earthquake Occurred in Lucena City

earthquake lucena

I still remember the earthquake happened in Cebu-Bohol last October 2013. It’s a tragic experience especially for all the victims, however Filipinos are fighter and I know we can beat all these trials happening in our country. I’m sharing about earthquake because this morning I wasn’t aware that this thing occurred in Southern Quezon. Well not only Southern Quezon but other nearby places. I was in the dentist this morning and the secretary asked me about this earthquake. I told her that I didn’t know it happened. She said it happened at around 2am. My brother came in the house and he talked about this earthquake. He said he woke up because he felt the bed was shaking. My sister also mentioned about this earthquake. I felt that I was the only one who didn’t know this thing. I was sound asleep because I jumped to bed late, I think at around 1am and easily fell asleep. According to the local report, Lucena City had magnitude 3 and it happened for about 8-12 seconds. We were fortunate because nothing happened to us. I know it’s not huge compared to Cebu-Bohol but still it’s an earthquake and alarming. Thing like earthquake happens unexpectedly so we should be ready at all times.

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