Enjoying Instagram Now

I have been a member of Instagram since April last year. At first I joined this social site because it was needed in online contests I have joined. I didn’t plan to be a regular user of Instagram until last month. I noticed I have been sharing different photos including selfie photos which I rarely do. I don’t let the day pass without checking my account and see photos that have been sharing by other members. I have been sleeping late just for seeing photos of celebrities and other stuff in Instagram. I’m telling you Instagram consumes much of my time which I think it shouldn’t be that way. I will continue using my account but with restriction now.

Social sites like Instagram really bring difference in today’s world. Now it’s not hard to communicate with your family, friends and even celebrities. So I should not stop using my account besides this social site makes me blissful. I’m following three celebrities and happy to see updates from them from time to time. I feel that I’m near to them. Another thing, sharing my photos and everything I do in Instagram is like keeping an online diary. If you want to follow me just check my badge in the sidebar and will surely follow you back.

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