First Television

 Looking back, twenty years ago our first appliance was Radio then later on my sister bought television. It is just black and white but we were contented already. Before that we watched tv shows in our neighborhood. There are times that I haven’t finished the show because neighborhood will closed the tv already. So it’s very frustrating that time. So when we had our first television we were really pleased.

Photo: Credit to Google

I don’t remember when the day that we had colored television but what I thought is that technology keeps on coming and offering new features. Because of the many features, it seems people should have information technology degrees to use their TV remote, and have attended sound engineering schools just to turn on your surround sound.

We should be educated somehow to use the new technology that keeps on coming. Or else we will not enjoy the features of it. Good thing there is site that you can lean on and read about information technology degrees and other related courses.

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