Google Celebrated Earth day 2012

Google Celebrated Earth day 2012 with an animated Doodle on its home page. Honestly, I am not aware that we have an earth day (silly me). Or maybe I know about it but I don’t give more attention.  Awhile ago I was watching variety show and mentioned that today is Earth Day, haist! So I searched on google and found out that indeed Earth Day celebrates every 22 day of April so that is today. Big part of United States of America take part of this celebration yearly that was initiated by Gaylord Nelson way back April 22, 1970. 

Well, for me wherever we are we should take part of this celebration for a green healthy environment. The earth is our home so let us protect it and act now before it’s too late. Happy Earth Day 2012! 

3 thoughts on “Google Celebrated Earth day 2012”

  1. Well for me Earth Day is important because it is our home that we should take care of.. Thanks for the reminder although for me its already too late..

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