Happy 74th Birthday to my father

Today my father is celebrating his birthday but he is not with us anymore. Four years ago he passed away because of diabetes and some of its complication. As I said before when I talked about him I think during his 4th death anniversary that I missed him so much and as long as I am here breathing I will continue to love him even though he is not with us anymore. 

I know wherever he is right now he can read this and sorry because we didn’t visit him today in the cemetery but we will tomorrow. Again, I don’t say “I love you” to my father verbally but I hope still he can read this and he will know that we love him so much. My daughter Kyla said she loves her Lolo Tony (my father) so much though she was only 4 months old when my father passed away. Anyway, Happy happy 74th Birthday to you my father and I/we love you so much. Don’t worry about nanay (mother) because we are here to love her unconditionally. 

3 thoughts on “Happy 74th Birthday to my father”

  1. i grew up not having my dad physically with us Mon, he has been working abroad all his life and now, he’s not with us din… 🙁 anyway, your father knows that he is still loved.

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