Happy Mother’s Day

I’m still in bed when Kyla came handing one red rose. When she’s in front of me she whispered happy mother’s day mama, I love you. What will be your reaction with all those words coming from three years old? I was surprised and really happy. I asked her where she got it and she said that Nanay (my mother) was the one who took it in the front yard. This is a simple thought but its really big one for me. I love you too Kyla. Though I’m not the good mother at all times and sometimes you received some spank from me. I know for sure that time will come that you will understand why. My love for you is always here, teary-eyed now so have to stop this. Hoping your sweetness will never end and you will grow with that attitude.

This post is also for my mother. Without you I am nothing. Thanks for your unconditional love. Kyla and I love you so much.

(Too bad I can’t upload photos of my mother and the rose it’s always gives me an error message. Maybe because of the weather now, it’s been raining since I woke up this morning and until now that it’s almost midnight.) Anyway, I will try to add some photos next time. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there this is our day…and thanks for your warm greetings.

My Mother with my daughter Kyla

Hope you can see the spark of yellow here, its really tiny 🙂

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Smiling Sally

18 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Regardless of what our children o grandchildren do, mother’s have a love like no other. But the best thing, is when one of them takes the time and expresses their love like your little one. That’s what makes life worthwhile.

  2. happy Mother’s day to you Mon and your mom, also to all the mothers in your family. psensya late ako. and sadly, i have no baby..been waiting for 3 years now. lalong hindi ako magkakababy kasi ngayon wla si hubby hhehe

  3. it is so sweet of Kyla naman…inggit ako no one would greet me like that yet.hehehe you very well deserved that red rose sis..Happy mother’s day again…belated

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