Happy to make a good deed for others

After we attended Kyla’s swimming lesson; we feasted at Jollibee. After I ordered our meal I paid exact amount but after a minute the cashier is giving me change that almost times three of the amount I paid. I’m kinda surprise and talk to cashier that I don’t have change anymore. After I said this to cashier I think for a while if I really gave exact amount. Well, for me I really bestowed exact amount so it’s a mistake in the part of this cashier.

While eating I’m thinking of what had happened, what if I grabbed the money what will happen to the cashier? For sure she will pay for it but of course I will not do that crazy thing. Though I don’t have enough money I will not use the opportunity to take advantage with other people. With regards with the cashier I hope she learns from what had happened. She should say thank you also because I don’t feel that she is thankful for what I did, hahah!

Anyway, I am happy because for me even in a simple thing I made a good deed for others.

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