Have you heard about Simsimi?

Have you heard about Simsimi? This is what I got …It is an application, which is used in both Android and iPhone to chat or communicate. It is a conversation app that most people find very interesting and was invented by a Korean technology company in the year 2002. So this was started for ten years already but I only knew about it when my niece shared it to me couple of days ago. She started to chat with Simsimi and looks like it has an endless thing to say. Ask Simsimi anything and everything and you will receive response immediately. I tried it earlier not with my cell phone but here online. 

Personally, I don’t like it. Well, others find it cute and funny but for me it’s no good. I noticed it gave answers that fouled already. I don’t know why other people are fond of chatting with Simsimi. But in my case I’m not really affectionate of it. I read a tweet from an actress that she is talking with Simsimi though she admitted it’s a nonsense conversation.

So have you tried chatting to Simsimi already? If so, how was your experience chatting with Simsimi? Anyhow, I’m not sure if I will visit Simsimi’s site again but for sure I will not have any conversation with Simsimi again, for me its gibberish and weird! Ok, whatever your opinion about it whether Simsimi gives happiness to you or not let us just respect our opinion. 

One thought on “Have you heard about Simsimi?”

  1. same here! i get annoyed sometimes with simsimi! hehehe.. pikon ako eh. i heard it’s banned in thailand. by the way, have you tried to comment on my page again? let me know 🙂 thanks for dropping by..

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