Headache attacks…

Lately this afternoon headache attacks on me. I also felt a little dizziness; the last thing I ate was ice cream do I need to blame ice cream for that, lol. Anyway, in a serious note I guess it’s because of my sleeping routine lately. I have been sleeping late at night for the past days or should I say month’s hahah. Being addicted to blogging is the main reason but its fine with me. I mean I am addicted in blogging but I get something out of it. Unlike before that I am addicted in Facebook mostly in Farmville game without getting anything. So I guess what I am enthusiastic right now doesn’t have any dilemma at all. I should just learn how to handle my time and have enough sleep so dizziness and headache will not arise again.

8 thoughts on “Headache attacks…”

  1. I hate getting the headaches. But it’s part of my PMS na eh.
    I just rub some Vicks on my forehead to ease the pain.
    By the way please follow and subscribe too.thank you.


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