Her New Mickey Mouse Puzzle

Playing with puzzle is one of Kyla’s favorite things to do. I think she was 3 years old when I first introduced puzzle to her.  Her first puzzle was animal in the jungle with only 10 huge pieces and made of wood.  Then later I bought puzzle’s with her favorite cartoon character design. This is her latest Mickey Mouse puzzle that we bought today. When we arrived at home she’s bugging me to open the puzzle. So here she is  busy with her new puzzle. 

I am glad that my daughter is fond of playing puzzle because it has educational benefits. They said playing puzzle will develop hand-eye coordination, increase problem solving skills, build literacy skills, spatial perception, increase muscle development, and improve memory skills. 

I don’t know if all children love to play puzzle. If your child is first timer remember to give simple puzzle with few pieces. Or else your child may not be interested if the puzzle is too difficult to build. Toddler should give a puzzle with huge pieces and if possible kids favorite cartoon character so the excitement is there.  Then later move on to a more difficult puzzle. When your child is playing puzzle don’t help her or point where the pieces will go. Let her figure out first where the pieces belong and assist only when your kid asked for help.

7 thoughts on “Her New Mickey Mouse Puzzle”

  1. Bogs has no patience when it comes to puzzles. He is not like me… pareho kami ni Kyla, I love to play with puzzles. Tama, puzzles develop problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. Anyways, I hope si Baby Job magkahilig din sa puzzles. dropping by Mon.

  2. Tama puzzle is one of educational toys for kids as far as I remember bumibili din ako ng puzzle noon kaso maliit nga lang tapos mostly free lang sa cheese puff. Hehe

  3. Playing with puzzles is a great way to increase mental development. It gives your child two benefits 1) Educational
    2) Analytical skill.

  4. This is a great idea! Puzzles are such a big help with a child’s brain development. I must admit we were so eager to give our niece a boost, we introduced a puzzle a bit too early, by the age of 2. We just got lucky she’s made it, otherwise she would hate it for a long time.


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