How to Get Barangay Clearance

I was asked to get police clearance for identification purposes. Before you can get this clearance you need to get Barangay Clearance first. Good thing it’s now easy to acquire unlike before not sure when was the last time I acquired barangay clearance, I think a decade ago. That time everything was manual and still using typewriter. Today is computerized already that makes everything easy.

If you need barangay clearance just visits barangay hall office where you belong.

You need to bring cedula but in case you don’t have don’t worry because they can provide you one. I paid Php 28 for the cedula.

After getting cedula, proceed to other brgy. staff. You would ask why you need barangay clearance. So just state your purpose and then present your cedula. The staff would ask some info about you and in less than 5 minutes I already got my Barangay Clearance. I didn’t ask to provide other things except cedula and personal appearance. 

By the way I paid Php 50 for the clearance. I’m so blissful that getting barangay clearance isn’t hard unlike before. The workers were kind enough the only dilemma was the location of the barangay hall where I belong but service was good. If  I’m not mistaken clearance is good for a year.

Will share how to get police clearance in my next post.

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