If only it’s true

Almost everyday I received email from different people saying I won in a contest or raffle. Some said I won because my email address was selected. Other said that I won in lottery but I don’t play lottery especially online. But of course I don’t believe on them because in the first place I don’t join their contest though I joined so many contest online I only join those sites that are legit and most of the time contest in blogosphere.

Well if only the emails are legit enough maybe I’m one of the rich people in this world, heheh. Because the money they said was really huge amount. Right now I checked my email and guess what I won in Mercedez Promotion, lol. Well I know they are just spammers or maybe one of the many people who are trying to swindle other people but sorry I’m not that kind of person who will just believe and fall into their trap.

This is just one of the many emails i got.
See how big the money … If only it’s true hmmm.
Your Mail ID has won £1,000,000.00 (ONE MILLION POUNDS). in the Uk Award


10 thoughts on “If only it’s true”

  1. pareho tayo girl!!! everyday i receive those emails too! kung sana lang totoo! naku, ang yaman yaman na natin ngayon!!! di na tayo nagba-blog! hahahah!

  2. hi most people receive spam messages like this. Yours truly included. If it were indeed true, I would probably not working my butt out to earn money from blogging.

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