Important to wear Motorcycle Gear

We were fetched late in school today. All the classmates of my daughter already left the school when our service came. I asked him why he was late and told me he came from police station. I thought he was involved in an accident, he then told me his friend was the one. He was just accompanied his friend to police station. I don’t know what the real situation is, but from what I understand, his friend was caught by policeman for violating some rules. I think his friend has no license in driving and not wearing proper motorcycle gear. Anyway, lately there are many reported accident involving motorcycle and this is due to negligence and not wearing any kind of gear. I just hope that people who are using motorcycle will know the importance of having proper gear, safety first!

6 thoughts on “Important to wear Motorcycle Gear”

  1. That’s why I always reminds my brother to always wear his helmet reflector jacket and gloves.. For his safety and para walang huli..

  2. Motorcycle accidents are really common. I almost went into one last month “naki-angkas lang ako”. The rain poured and the bike just skid down like we were drifting.

  3. Some drivers may consider wearing a helmet to be a petty thing, some may feel uncomfortable about it. What they don’t realize is that the helmet can actually save their lives.

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