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Since yesterday I have problem with my internet connection. It’s not because there is problem with my provider but because I haven’t paid yet my monthly bill. My bill was supposed to be last Friday and now its Monday already. No, its not that I don’t have the money the thing is I always forget to drop by in Sun Cellular office to settle my bill. So now I am using my sister’s computer, good thing it has internet. But sometimes this computer is so annoying. The more sites i opened the larger the possibility of getting hanged.  So bear with me if I couldn’t visit you. I will do it once I settled my bill. Have a nice weekend!

10 thoughts on “Internet Connection”

  1. Minsan hindi yung browser yung may prob eh. Yung connection mismo. Kaya madaming nagsisilipatan. I used to be a smart user din, pero nung natry ko yung Globe tattoo my browsing habit changed a lot. Kasi lagi nag uupdate and now nasa 3.6mbps na kapag HSDPA ang network coverage mo.

  2. i connect to internet by LAN and use windows’98. After a big storm often has to be created a new connection. The guys from the internet company are bored of this and i am afraid they won’t want to restore it the next times when it happens.

  3. I’m planning to buy a server, but the only problem I see is internet connection. What internet connection do servers use to be enough so many people could access it without slowdown?

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