Ipad or Samsung Tablet

I’m in a state of confusion, hahah. I thought I will be buying kindle fire for my daughter but when I checked in Amazon they said they are not sending the kind of kindle fire in the country. But they have other version of kindle fire that could be sent here. I read reviews from different sites and said kindle fire is possible to send (new or old version) but I need to pay for shipping and some hidden charges (taxes, etc).

So, I think I should not buy kindle fire anymore and besides it has no camera. The camera I am using has battery problem already so I need to buy gadget that supports photos and videos. So instead of purchasing a Kindle fire I will check for Apple Ipad or Samsung Tablet. I already asked my niece in Canada the price of these two gadgets and the prices are cheaper compared here. The problem is vacation in Canada was over so no one will come here in the Philippines and bring the gadget. If I will let my niece buy the gadget more or less it would be sent this Christmas, that’s a long wait. Other option is to ship it here but we all know it’s not cheap to ship items here so it’s better to buy it here because for sure the amount is the same (price and shipping).

Well, I have to think more whether Apple Ipad or Samsung Tablet. What do you think? What is the best for you? I hope I will get more ideas so I will be enlightened whether Ipad or Samsung Tablet or just simply share if it is worth it to buy any kind of tablets.

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