Jollibee Kids Club – 1st day Workshop

Early this morning Kyla attended her first workshop in Jollibee SM Lucena. There are 20 Jollibee Kids Club members who attended the said event. This workshop will last for 5 days. For this day is getting to know each other. Kyla is not active when unfamiliar faces are around her. I’m glad that she participated; she is the first to introduce herself because she is the youngest in the group. I thought she will not say anything but I heard her saying in the microphone “Ako po si Kyla” (I am Kyla). After getting to know each other they watched a short video of the history of Jollibee.

Saying her name

Then games followed, one of the games is they are divided into 3 groups. Each of the kid will be given 4 straws and they will put them one by one in the jollibee glass and vice versa then they will pass the straw to the other members. Though they are not the winning group I’m glad Kyla participated again… yehey!

participating in the game

Third part is eating time. Hamburger and softdrink are given in each kid. While eating Jollibee surprised the kids. So the kids started to go and hug the bee mascot. Picture picture … then Jollibee had dance presentation of the Jollibee dance. Every kid is looking at Jollibee while performing.

eating time


After the dance presentation picture picture again with Jollibee and that’s the end of the first day of workshop. Second day would be on Wednesday I asked Kyla if she wanted to participate again and she said yes. I’m proud of you Kyla I thought we will be leaving the event shortly but you made it till the end. 🙂 

Jollibee and Kyla
Jollibee Kids Club member


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23 thoughts on “Jollibee Kids Club – 1st day Workshop”

  1. sus! si mommy proud na proud..I remeber Kiana when she was small sa akin din sya kasi lumaki madaldal sya if kilala nya but if not kahit anong kakapilit ko she wont say anything. Even now na malaki na sya shy pa rin sya if hindi nya kilala ang tao masyado.

    Pano ba makakasali ng jollibee kids club? good exposure yan sa mga kids..buti at natapos naman ni Kyla ang workshop sa araw na proud mom si mommy mona..

    Good job kyla!

  2. galing naman ni kyla! naalala ko tuloy ang Jollibee days ko. ilang taon din kaya akong kumakain ng hamburger, chicken joy, fries at spaghetti!! waaaaaahhh!
    by the way, napansin ko yung AVVO mo. pano mo sya nakuha? kasi merong nagbigay sa akin ng email ng para sa avvo. naghahanap daw ng personal/parenting related blogs. di naman masend kasi wrong daw ang address.

  3. wow this looks nice! I am fond of joining my kids into such activity kaso bata pa sila dati so may mga limitations pa before..i am waiting for summer activities yearly before. 😀 Ngayun kaya? anu kaya magndang activity for them here?

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