Lunch at BonChon

Shop. Choose. Redeem. This is one of my credit card provider way of giving freebies. They partner in different stores and this time is with BonChon. This promo is very easy to use. Just spend P3,000 anywhere and get FREE P100 BonChon GC from July 16 – September 30, 2018. Redemption is from August 1 – November 30 of this year.

 I got one when we my sister-in-law purchased flat screen TV and used my credit card. Good thing there is BonChon store already in our place. So I went there and get my P100 gift certificate. No hassle in getting GC, you just need to present credit card to the participating store. Credit card will be swiped and transaction details keyed in for validation using the promo redemption terminal. Surrender the qualified original copy of the charge slip/s and/or promo code. Before surrendering, I went to copy center and got a copy of my receipt. I might use it in the future.

I didn’t use my P100 gift certificate right away. I think after a week, I went to BonChon and had my lunch. So this is what I ate in BonChon, chicken with rice and their new Jjamppong spicy seafood noodle soup.

closer look of jjamppong spicy seafood noodle soup(photo from BonChon official website)

It has egg noodles, crispy crisps poppers with hot and spicy soup. Ok, I’m a Kdrama addict so I need to taste the food they love. Good thing when I tasted the soup it wasn’t really spicy or else I might not finish all. They said crispy crisps poppers but it is not. I guess it is because it was in the soup for minutes so crispiness lessens. It was nice that I ate my chicken meal with this soup. By the way, I like their chicken because of different flavors, but I noticed the flavor was only on the outside but I can’t taste the flavor inside. Not sure thought in other BonChon stores.

Available chicken flavors are soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus or crunchy garlic flavor. Ok, my meal wasn’t P100, I paid additional P49. My total bill was P149 and my gift certificate was only P100 so I paid excess amount. Anyway, even alone, I had a great lunch eating at BonChon and paying for few bucks for a complete meal is superb.

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