M is for …

Its Wednesday once again, I was checking when was the last time I updated this blog. So it’s been 4 days that I’m not posting anything here, this blog is not neglected, lol … So sorry that I haven’t posted much here because I was busy with offline commitments. Anyway, I have to post for ABC-Wednesday I want to finish what I had started. So now we are in the letter M already …time flies hmmm. So for my letter M I will not go further. The owner and responsible of this blog is MONA, yours truly. I can’t find good photo of me, lol so I decided to have this photo. The photo was taken last December it’s me with my daughter. Kyla’s second name is MARIE so it’s counted also with the letter M.

I’m linking this post in ABC-Wednesday and Ruby Tuesday. Have a good day!
ABC Wednesday

10 thoughts on “M is for …”

  1. Awwwww oo nga noh, it’s your day pala in ABC, I mean day nyo ni kyla hehehe. Sensya na sis if di ako masyado makavist lately, just so busy here. al;a na ako kita nito sa adgitize hehehe..
    Thanks a lot of your untiring visit and comments.

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