Make Life Easier

How is your Sunday? Hope everything’s fine. Just recently I shared a post of the new automatic washing machine we have at home. This was bought by my sister when she had short vacation here in the Philippines last month. Aside from ironing, I find doing laundry a difficult task to do. So having an automatic washing machine is really helpful. Imagine you just need to put soap and let the machine perform the entire task. Sometimes the clothes are almost dry so it wouldn’t be a problem if you need it right away. I’m just thankful to my sister that she bought the machine, it’s really practical nowadays.

Aside from this my sister also renovated some part of the house. By the way I live in my sister’s house. She is residing in Paris and seldom visiting here in the Philippines. I’m really thankful to her that I and my daughter are not homeless, wink!

Anyway, one of the bathrooms was renovated. There is a shower now and we don’t use dipper in this bathroom. For so many years we’ve been using dipper, I don’t complain it’s fine because I used to it. But recently, I have dilemma on my back and its hard to bath. With the new bathroom and with shower attached, there’s no need for dipper. Just wait for the water to wet you all the way, hahah! I may be sound corny but I’m really blissful. Bathing with shower is more convenient and I feel relaxed. All thanks to my sister!

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