Masskara Festival

Finally after so long I was able to upload this postcard. I think less than a month when I received this postcard. So sorry mommy Sheng it took so long before I post it in my blog. Been busy with offline things that I don’t have time on working online. Aside from that I have problem with my USB so I wasn’t able to upload the photos.

Again, thank you mommy Sheng of Shegkay’s Journal (one of her multiple blogs. I will surely keep this one.

Please click the photos to know more about Masskara Festival

4 thoughts on “Masskara Festival”

  1. ayyy..nahiya naman ako..nakita pa penmanship ko na parang kinahig ng manok..hehehe..
    no need to blog it naman actually..but happy seeing my card here..
    Your one of the people I am always thankful in blogland sis..
    Goodluck sa love life natin..sabay ganunnnn! hahaha..
    Kisses to you and Kyla..

  2. Colourful talaga ang Masskara Festival and to think na malapit lang ang probincya namin(Dgte)sa Bacolod,I haven’t had a chance to see the festival.

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