Mellow Yellow Monday #1 Vegetable Salad

It’s Monday so time for Mellow Yellow Monday. This is the first time that this blog is joining this meme since this blog is just started 3 days ago. So here is my first entry and expect more every week.

Craving for Vegetable Salad?
Little Kyla likes it but she ate only boiled egg and a little of lettuce.


20 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday #1 Vegetable Salad”

  1. Hi Sis thanks, newly makeover nga log ko…hehe, free xa.
    Cute naman, kahit ako naman siguro kapag nasa age ako ni Kyla itlog lang din gusto ko…haha

  2. awwwwwww…sarap naman nyan sis…cute talaga ni Kyla…:) congrats on your new blog sis…hope we can x-links…just let me know so I can add your blogs to mine…:)

  3. Mona, why did you post that veggie salad??? I’m craving now!!!! hahahaha! naglalaway ako!!! gusto kong kumain tuloy! that’s my favorite!! oh, by the way, ang ganda ng theme mo! i like it…where did you get this???

  4. Nandito palang MYM mo. Du’n ako napunta sa blog caravan, i thought it’s the same link, hehee.

    It’s good that you’re daughter likes salad. Egg and tuna for salad are my favorite.

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