My Experience Getting Money at M Lhuillier

Sharing my experience getting money at M Lhuillier. My niece asked me to get the money at M Lhuillier, the money was under my name. She gave the reference number, country and the sender’s name. I thought these were enough to get the money. When I was there, the guard approached me and gave piece of paper. This paper will be used to get the money. After I wrote the sender’s name, my name, amount expected and reference number, the guard gave the paper to the cashier. Few minutes, the cashier called me and asked me if the sender provides the bank where the money was sent. I told her that the sender didn’t tell me and reference number only. The cashier then told me it was needed. I have no choice but to stop the transaction and decided to come back.

Second day, the guard approached me again nicely. I told him that I already went in their store. I asked him if I could use the paper I had filled up. He agreed and gave it in the cashier. When my name was called, the cashier asked me the same question as the first day I went. So, I gave her the information she needed and asked me to wait for a while. After few minutes, she called me again and asked me if I have other identification ID. I provided my passport but it was expired last February of this year. She said this ID can’t be accepted because it was already expired. Well, I agree but for me they should be considerate. I mean it’s already expired but not so long ago in fact for only 2 months. And for me even it is expired still it is me. I am in the picture, well maybe I was wrong but still I was thinking if they can be kind enough to accept it. She then asked me for another ID, so I provided my Philhealth ID and the cashier said it can’t be accepted. She said, if the money is below Php5,000 Philhealth ID is possible to use but more than this amount isn’t.

I asked her what other identity I could provide. And told me if I have police clearance, wow police clearance! I don’t have it and I think the last time I asked for police clearance was a decade ago. I’m totally pissed off but I have no choice but to get this thing. Well, it’s not hard to get police clearance unlike before, the thing is I have other things to do and by the way before going to police; I need to get barangay clearance first because this is required in getting police clearance. It is fine if it is in the same location but not. I didn’t expect and not even think I went to barangay hall and police station today. It was for the sake of Identification to M Lhuillier.

So this was my first experienced getting money at M Lhuillier. Actually it wasn’t that hard to get the money if you have all the necessary information and proper identification. I just think they should be considerate. I mean my passport, I told them that I know it was already expired and I will renew it after my transaction with them. I just think to use it in my transaction with them before heading to DFA. Second thing, they accept Philhealth ID but it depends on the amount to be received. Why there is amount involved, I mean if they can accept it why not accept it whatever the amount. Well, in fairness to them, the guard and the cashier of M Lhuillier in my place were kind. I read some reviews of M Lhuillier and many mentioned of their bad experiences in many M Lhuillier branches that staff are not kind enough. I’m thankful i didn’t experience it.

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