Need New Laptop

I want to update all my blogs but this laptop is acting weird already. This isn’t new in fact I’m using this for 7 years now. I guess that’s the reason of being slow. Internet connection is not a dilemma because I have secured connection but this laptop is a big problem already. I wish to get one but my budget is limited.

Well, still usable but it takes time to open a website. I checked first my yahoo mail but it took almost an hour for me to see my email. Thankful it did open because I have a task to do online and it needs an immediate action. I tried other site and the same problem encountered. I can’t update my other blogs because it will take time and imagine I opened the laptop at 9:30pm and now it’s almost 12. I only opened my yahoo mail, this blog and photobucket.

I might rent computer for me to do my online tasks but recently I encountered problem in one of the computer shops I have rented. I think the computer I used was infected of virus. I opened my blog and write a post but when I was about to share my post an error appeared. I transferred in other computer and I can’t log in my blog already. I’m pretty sure I put my password correctly. I tried many times and gave me incorrect password. To cut the story short I paid for nothing that time, so I’m thinking if renting outside is safe. I think I should use this laptop instead though it takes forever to load, lol. Well need to sleep now. For 2 hours, checking email and writing this post are the only things I have accomplished.

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