On making Tutu

I got an interest on making Tutu couple of days ago. So what is tutu? According to Wikipedia – A tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. It consists of a Basque (or waistband, it can either be part of the bodice or a separate band) and the skirt itself might be single layer, hanging down, or multiple layers starched and jutting out. 

But today I noticed tutu skirt is not only used for ballet purposes because I see kids wearing tutu in occasions like birthday party, trick or treating or any similar event. I find this costume cute so I’m eager to make one for my daughter. This is one of the many costumes I have in mind in trick or treating. I’m thinking so advance, hahah… but time flies. 

Ok, so to make the story short, I went to YouTube because I know there are many tutorials there. And I wasn’t wrong because I found lots of tutu tutorials. Watching them made me realized it’s easy to make tutu skirt. So, hopefully I will pursue this thing and make one for my daughter. 

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